It's not for me to fill the blue sea with tears

but when I think on all of the wasted years...

I am also siouxcq.

She is erect
her bones infused
with the strength
of her imagination

She is waiting
her desires understood
coal burns outside
her new windows

She is returning
her voice found
old fears gone
blood runs to her hands

She is sculpted
her life's angles
cradle her heart
new rhythms beating

She is broad
her skin promising
clasps and warmth
her wrists on my neck

guy wires
keep me from tumbling

Her shoulder blades
syncopate my palms
and split my life lines
into quatrains

She smiles to herself
and she is warm
and she is rain
and I lean into the weather

relax into her promise
and settle
a few steps closer to myself

-Jerry Quickley
Los Angeles, CA 1999

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